1.Introduction to Operational Aviation English
Pilvak recognises that newly qualified pilots as well as military pilots transferring to commercial airlines encounter many difficulties in their initial training due to lack of competence in operational language. This course gives an insight into the operational side of commercial aviation with special focus on terminology and understanding/reproducing RT communication. The course covers all aspects of commercial airline operations and will be invaluable to any newly qualified pilot hoping to enter the competitive world of aviation.
Duration 60-90 hours Cost €60 per hour
2. ICAO Test Preparation Courses
These courses prepare pilots for any ICAO accredited exam by improving candidates’ communication competence with reference to the six ICAO language proficiency descriptors- pronunciation, structure, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and interaction. Authentic training material is used throughout the course, candidates will learn how to use functional language and vocabulary to manage both routine and non routine situations in a aviation environment.
Duration 10-90 hours Cost €60 per hour
3.THY Internal Exam Preparation Courses
This course prepares candidates for the internal exams set by THY. The course aims to improve the candidates’ communication competence with special reference to THY criteria. (Photograph analysis, RT understanding, report summary and interaction.) Past examination papers as well as previous successful exam candidates’ experiences will be utilised to provide a comprehensive preparation. The new THY examinations are covered.
Duration 10-90 hours Cost €60 per hour
4.Complete Guide to Aviation English
This course is for candidates whose level of English is at ICAO level 2 or 3. The course includes a foundation module to ensure all candidates have sufficient knowledge of English grammar to feel
competent in advancing to Aviation English. Basic Aviation terminology is introduced from day one in all activities, as the course progresses more operational situations are used to expand communication competence and increase confidence. After course completion candidates should be able to achieve ICAO Level 4.
Duration 100-120 hours Cost €60 per hour
5.Intensive Aviation Courses for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers
This is a 5-day preparatory course for the ICAO language proficiency level 4 or above.The course provides intensive training in aviation English language communication skills. The course also gives participants the opportunity to practice plain English in an aviation context. The emphasis is on speaking and listening using a range interactive of activities.
Duration 30 hours Cost €60 per hour
6.Refresher Courses
Short courses for pilots wanting to sharpen their exam skills before taking any ICAO proficiency style exams.
Duration 10-15 hours Cost €60 per hour


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